Picture of a Newlec Standalone PIR Sensor, 140°, 12m, Black

Newlec Standalone PIR Sensor, 140°, 12m, Black

Newlecs logo Alias NLPIRB1A
Product Code 1050378531

Product Overview


Designed for external use only - for internal use, refer to Newlec Occupancy detectors. PIRs provide dusk-dawn operation of external lights following detection of moving bodies. Two thirds of burglaries take place between the hours of dusk to dawn. PIR controlled security lighting can help prevent crime. Day and night or night only operation. Switches incandescent and fluorescent loads. When switching T5 loads, the 'on time' should be greater than 1 minute to minimise lamp life reduction. 12m detection zone when mounted at 2.5m. Operating voltage 230V AC 50Hz. Lens can be masked to reduce nuisance detection. Adjustable time from 5 seconds to 5 minutes. Adjustable lens angle to optimise detection zone. Manual override function available. PIR�s can be 'daisy chained' to a single load, providing the maximum load does not exceed the minimum PIR load rating.

Product Features

  • 140? Coverage
  • 12m Range
  • 1000W Resistive (Halogen) Switching Capacity
  • 500W Inductive (Fluorescent) Switching Capacity
  • Black