Picture of a Newlec Surge Protection Kit Surge Protection Kit

Newlec Surge Protection Kit Surge Protection Kit

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Product Code 1050391134

Product Overview

Product Features

  • IEC Type II surge protection device
  • Suitable for TN-S/TN-C-S supplies
  • Nominal voltage 220 - 240V
  • Requires 40A Type C MCB for back-up protection of surge arrester
  • No need to install multiple plug in devices
  • Eliminates the high follow current associated with spark gap based surge protection
  • Single module
  • A red indicator shows when the protector requires replacement
  • A remote contact can be triggered to interface with a building management system
  • Protection of all circuits including heating - lighting - burglar - smoke alarms and consumer electronics
  • Manufactured and approved to BS EN 616343