Picture of a Newlec Cable Gland Kit. Outdoor CW, Brass, 50S

Newlec Cable Gland Kit. Outdoor CW, Brass, 50S

Newlecs logo Alias NL50SCWN
Product Code 1051011560

Product Overview


High quality brass indoor or outdoor glands kits, comprising: Brass gland. Steel locknuts. Brass earth tag. PVC shrouds. For use with all types of SWA cable (outdoor providing environmental seal on the cable outer sheath). Provides mechanical cable retention and electrical continuity via armour wire termination. Based around the BS 6121 & BS 7394 standards. Produced strictly under ISO 9001 controls. Also conforms to BSEN 50262. CE marked for compliance to low voltage directive 72/73/EEC.

Product Features

  • Cable Gland Kit
  • Brass/Black
  • Size 50S
  • Cable Inner Diameter 39.8mm
  • Outer Diameter 47mm