Picture of a Newlec Storage Heater, Automatic. 1.7kW, 700mm x 560mm x 170mm

Newlec Storage Heater, Automatic. 1.7kW, 700mm x 560mm x 170mm

Newlecs logo Alias NL10579
Product Code 1051011765

Product Overview


Automatic or manual adjusting input charge depending on model. Room temperature boost control. Frontal grille for efficient heat distribution. Suitable for domestic or commercial use. High density bonded magnetite bricks. Colour: willow white. BEAB approved.

Product Features

  • Storage Heaters
  • Storage heaters are specifically designed to operate using cheaper off-peak electricity to store heat
  • When the off-peak period finishes the heat is gradually released into the room over the course of the day
  • Newlec offers three types of storage heaters - each with their own benefits:
  • Manual
  • Automatic
  • Combination
  • All Newlec storage heaters have the following benefits:
  • Charge regulator to control the amount of heat stored during the charge period
  • Willow white colour - perfectly matches Newlec panel heaters
  • Compatible with ALL off peak tariffs
  • Manual reset thermal cut-out
  • BEAB Approval
  • Manual Storage Heaters
  • Manually adjustable charge control - this adjusts the amount of heat stored overnight
  • It can be lowered in warmer months and raised in cooler months thereby saving money
  • Automatic Storage Heaters
  • The same as manual storage heaters but with an automatic charge regulator
  • This measures the temperature in the room and automatically adjusts the charge regulator accordingly
  • This can lead to significant running cost savings over manual storage heaters
  • Combination Storage Heaters
  • All the benefits of an automatic storage heater plus the added advantage of having a built in convector heater - essentially offering two heaters in one compact space
  • Benefits of this include:
  • Convector supplies completely silent top up heating
  • Convector thermostat can be set to maintain constant room temperatures and automatically switch on as necessary
  • Can provide top up heat even if no heat has been stored overnight - particularly useful in summer months if there is a sudden cold spell.