Picture of a Newlec Expansion Vessel and Check Valve for Unvented

Newlec Expansion Vessel and Check Valve for Unvented

Newlecs logo Alias NLEV
Product Code 1051043909

Product Overview

Product Features

  • Provides hot water to single or multiple outlets
  • Fed directly from the cold water mains supply and operates at the same water pressure
  • Provides high flow rates and balanced hot/cold water supplies
  • Can be used with standard taps
  • Ideal usage: cloakrooms with multiple wash basins - kitchens in offices - shops and commercial premises and student accommodation
  • External temperature control and neon element on indicator
  • IPX4 rated - protected against water splashing from any direction
  • Safety manually resettable thermal cut out
  • Pressure relief valve supplied - additional safety feature that must be fitted to prevent failure should pressure build up in the unit without being released
  • Pre-wired 1.5M cable - saving time on installation
  • Depending on the details of the installation - additional accessories may be needed to comply with the Water Regulations
  • Pressure Reducing Valve (NLPRV) - Required if water pressure is above 4.2 bar
  • 2 litre expansion vessel and check valve (NLEV) - Should be installed if the length of pipework is too short to accommodate the expanded hot water without re-entering the cold water supply
  • 2.8M of pipework is required for a 10 litre heater and 4.2M pipework is required for a 15 litre heater