Picture of a Newlec Boiling Water Dispensers 5 Litre

Newlec Boiling Water Dispensers 5 Litre

Newlecs logo Alias NLBWD5
Product Code 1051043916

Product Overview

Product Features

  • Boiling water dispensers store boiling water ready for instant use
  • Saves time as no waiting for kettles to boil
  • Saves energy as you only use the water needed
  • Saves space - uncluttered worktops
  • Ideal usage: Any commercial environment where there is a demand for boiling drinking water
  • The Newlec range offer a range of benefits including:Easy to install with easily accessible plumbing fittings
  • Removable steam condensation chamber for easy maintenance access
  • Electronic thermostat for greater control of water temperature up to boiling point
  • Dry start protection with a self-resetting thermal cut-out
  • Boil dry protection with a manually resettable cut-out