Picture of a Newlec T5 Weatherproof Luminaires High Efficiency Emergency 4ft 1 x 28W

Newlec T5 Weatherproof Luminaires High Efficiency Emergency 4ft 1 x 28W

Newlecs logo Alias NLWT5128E2
Product Code 1051050081

Product Overview

Product Features

  • Polycarbonate base & diffuser
  • Hinged cover for quick and easy lamp installation/replacement
  • Steel quick release gear tray - with retaining straps for ease of installation
  • HF suitable for temperatures to -10°C - emergency suitable to 0°C
  • Ideal for industrial applications - car parks and workshops
  • The Newlec range of T5 weatherproof luminaires offers all of the features and benefits of the traditional T8 luminaires but with additional energy saving and reduced maintenance costs
  • With emergency and occupancy control versions also available we have the complete range required for any application
  • Features and Benefits of T5
  • Energy savingHigh efficiency T5 tubes offer approximately 20% reduced electricity consumption compared to T8 tubes of the same length
  • Lumen outputHigh output T5 tubes provide up to 50% more light than that of a T8 of the same length
  • Control gearSpecifically designed to operate on high frequency control gear means reduced gear losses and an increase in system efficiency over that of T8
  • It also means instant on/off as no warm up period is required
  • Long life & reduced replacement costsWith average rated lamp life of 20
  • 000hrs+ compared to 10
  • 000+ of a traditional T8 tube - T5 tubes offer 50% longer life - meaning reduced replacement costs
  • Lumen maintenanceT5 tubes perform better than T8 tubes at a wider temperature range
  • meaning the light output is better over the life of the lamp
  • This results in reduced maintenance costs as lamp changes are less frequent
  • Reduced CO2 emissions
  • Reduced mercury content
  • Whats the Difference?
  • T5 High Efficiency
  • High luminous efficacy - ideal for office lighting
  • SizeWattageLumens
  • 549mm (2ft)14W1350lm
  • 849mm (3ft)21W2100lm
  • 1149mm (4ft)28W2900lm
  • 1449mm (5ft)35W3650lm
  • T5 High Output
  • High lumen outputs - ideal for industrial and warehouse lighting
  • SizeWattage Lumens
  • 549mm (2ft)24W2000lm
  • 849mm (3ft)39W3500lm
  • 1149mm (4ft)54W5000lm
  • 1449mm (5ft)49W and 80W4900lm & 7000lm