Picture of a Newlec Energy Saving Metal Halide Highbay Luminaires 200W

Newlec Energy Saving Metal Halide Highbay Luminaires 200W

Newlecs logo Alias NLHB200
Product Code 1051050545

Product Overview


A range of energy saving highbays that offers all the features and benefits of a standard highbay while using a reduced wattage lamp which saves 20% energy and offers a similar light output.

Standard Energy Saving Luminaire Benefits
• Increased lamp life of 20,000hrs compared to 15,000hrs for conventional metal halide.
• Can be operated in a simple on/off mode from a mains switch.

Product Features

  • Ideal for use in industrial and warehouse applications where mounting heights over 10M are required
  • Supplied as three separate parts allowing complete flexibility in any installation. This also offers an installation time saving as the parts do not have to be disassembled on site prior to installation
  • Metal halide produces a crisp white light with good colour rendering compared to SON (Sodium) lamps