Picture of a Newlec 5ft 25W LED Flourescent Tube 1900lm 4000K Cool White

Newlec 5ft 25W LED Flourescent Tube 1900lm 4000K Cool White

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Product Code 1051056548

Product Overview


Retro-fit, easy to install, maintenance free tubes that offer energy saving alternatives to both HF and SS flourescent fittings

Product Features

  • Instant start - no flicker or warm up required
  • Supplied with a compatible LED starter for operation on switch start circuits
  • Glass tubes with UV proof protective plastic casing - providing shatterproof protection
  • Up to 100lm/W exceeds Part L Building Regulations
  • CRI 80+ meets lighting for worplaces requirement - EN 12464-1
  • Understanding the technology - Switch start and/or HF tube replacement
  • If replacing a switch start flourescent tube with a LED tube
  • Simply replace the starter with the one provided
  • Replace lamp as normal
  • If replacing a HF flourescent tube with a LED tube
  • Must by-pass the electrical control gear
  • Wire directly to the mains
  • Live and neutral are polarised at one end of our tubes therefore preventing the possibility of electric shock

    To be a viable alternative LED tubes need to have the following minimum lumen outputs;
  • 800lm+ - replaces 2ft T8 flourescent tube
  • 1700lm+ - replaces 4ft T8 flourescent tube
  • 2700lm+ - replaces 5ft T8 flourescent tube
  • 4000lm+ - replaces 6ft T8 flourescent tube