Picture of a Newlec Energy Efficient Jet Hand Dryer IPX4

Newlec Energy Efficient Jet Hand Dryer IPX4

Newlecs logo Alias NLJETDRY
Product Code 1051090935

Product Overview


The new Newlec jet dryer offers the ultimate in fast, hygienic and energy efficient hand drying. Its robust construction means this dryer is suitable for nearly all public places, including restaurants, pubs, office buildings, factories, supermarkets and hospitals. 10 second dry time - uses less energy per dry Brushless lo-carbon long life DC motor adjustable between 750W - 2050W Adjustable heater element - from 1.3kW down to 900W for even greater energy savings.

Product Features

  • Automatic operation - reduces risk of spreading germs
  • Antibacterial coating on dryer - prevents multiplication and spreading of germs
  • Antibacterial HEPA dust filter - kills 99.9% of germs
  • Removable drip tray for easy maintenance
  • Blue LED gives visible indication of drying zone ensuring hands are always in warm air stream.