Picture of a Newlec 5ft 40W Standard LED Batten 4600lm 5000K

Newlec 5ft 40W Standard LED Batten 4600lm 5000K

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Product Code 1052080299

Product Overview


A traditional batten body with LED's mounted behind a slim opal diffuser make this the perfect retro-fittable option

Product Features

  • Most efficient batten available on the market today
  • Conventional batten length and width for easy retrofitting
  • Osram Optotronic driver
  • CRI 80+ meets lighting for work places requirement - EN 12464-1
  • Opal polycarbonate LED diffuser providing uniform light distribution with no dark spots
  • High colour temperature (5000k) simulating daylight
  • Energy Saving Drawings - LED vs standard T8 equivalents
  • 4ft = 30W vs 36W - 17%
  • 5ft single = 40W vs 58W - 31%
  • 5ft Twin = 70W vs 116W - 40%
  • 6ft = 48.6W vs 70W - 30%

    To be a true retrofit solution (1:1 replacement) LED battens need to have the following minimum lumen output;
  • 2300lm+ - replaces 4ft 36W flourescent batten
  • 3600lm+ - replaces 5ft 58W flourescent batten
  • 4400lm+ - replaces 6ft 70W flourescent batten