Picture of a Newlec GU10 Fire-Rated Downlight Fully Enclosed IP65 Chrome

Newlec GU10 Fire-Rated Downlight Fully Enclosed IP65 Chrome

Newlecs logo Alias NL240FRIPCB
Product Code 1052080566

Product Overview


Building Regulations Part B, C & E compliance can be a major issue when installing fire rated downlighters with LED lamps due to the various materials used in LED lamps. Traditional halogen lamps made with glass are fully enclosed and maintain integrity in the event of a fire, but LED lamps made from other materials may allow air and heat to pass through the fitting. In response to this we have upgraded our wiring, can and lamp holder and made it fully enclosed, making it one of the first of its kind to be fully compliant with the regulations, irrespective of the choice of lamp.UK Building Regulations Compliance Part B - Fire Safety - Requires that precautions are taken to limit the spread of smoke/fire. For the domestic market 30 or 60 minutes is normal, however in extreme conditions 90 minutes is required. Newlec is fully tested for 30/60 & 90 minute timber joist ceilings. Newlec also includes an intumescent ring around the can to seal the ceiling cut out. Part C - Moisture - Requires that precautions are taken to reduce the transfer of moisture into roof voids. Newlec includes high quality moisture seals. Part E - Acoustic Performance Requires - luminaires to limit noise transmission within residential homes. Newlec includes a high quality acoustic seal to provide the necessary attenuation to meet the requirements. Twist and lock bezel for quick installation. Loop in - loop out terminal block on GU10 versions. Fixing springs have three adjustable heights to allow for all ceiling thicknesses.

Product Features

  • New connector block for easy and quick wiring
  • Double insulated cable with increased temperature gauge to deg
  • Smaller height from the old can & allowing easier fit into smaller voids
  • Fully enclosed to take 50W GU10 or any retrofit LED lamp
  • Fully firerated 30 & 60 & 90 mins
  • New GU10 lamp holder to withstand increased temperature within the enclosed can.