Picture of a Newlec DALI Multi Purpose Connection Box

Newlec DALI Multi Purpose Connection Box

Newlecs logo Alias NL5713
Product Code 1052090097

Product Overview


The DALI multipurpose connection box gives installers maximum flexibility and true freedom of choice of multicore cables required in the system without the requirement for expensive connectors.

Product Features

  • For use to connect with Newlec DALI occupancy detector (NL5701DALI) and DALI power supply unit (NL5712)
  • Offers installers maximum flexibility allowing any choice of appropriate multicore cables without needing expensive connectors
  • Allows full connectivity of lighting system and DALI network
  • VDE approved SAURO connectors which guarantee performance and connection
  • PCB inside runs 230V power alongside the 250mA DALI network
  • Maximum 10A rating per box.