Picture of a Newlec Ceiling Mounted DALI Compatible Detector

Newlec Ceiling Mounted DALI Compatible Detector

Newlecs logo Alias NL5701DALI
Product Code 1052090098

Product Overview


The DALI occupancy detector for ceiling mounting offers both presence and absence control with daylight harvesting. The DALI occupancy detector can automatically set up ballasts in either broadcast or group functions and boasts test and corridor modes that can be programmed and controlled by a remote control. A complete DALI network solution is provided with just 4 elements: (1) DALI occupancy detector, (2) DALI remote control, (3) DALI power supply unit and (4) DALI multi-purpose connection box.

Product Features

  • DALI presence and absence detection with sensitivity control
  • Automatic daylight harvesting with remote Lux and PIR Lux control (via Newlec NL5711 remote control)
  • Easy set up with automatic broadcast and timing defaults and automatic ballast set up
  • Broadcast, Group and Scene Selections.One DALI occupancy detector with one DALI power supply unit (NL5712) is capable of controlling up to 64 ballasts with 16 groups (15 groups + 1 group dedicated to broadcast) with 16 scenes each
  • Test Mode and Corridor Function
  • Dual Remote Control (NL5711) available, with user modes and hidden installer modes
  • Quiescent Power 0.04W
  • Flush mounting - 70mm minimum void depth required
  • Compact 65mm diameter cut-out required for flush mounting
  • IP44 when installed
  • Power supply unit (NL5712) required for each network
  • Multipurpose connection box (NL5713) available to help installation
  • Suitable for all DALI load types including LED loads
  • Complies with BS EN 60929 and EN62386.