Picture of a Santon Water Heater, Oversink, 10ltr, 3kW

Santon Water Heater, Oversink, 10ltr, 3kW

RSA Santons logo Alias 94010003
Product Code 2500091895

Product Overview


Oversink units are supplied with an inlet valve that, When opened, Allows the mains cold water supply to enter the heater and displace the hot water stored in the cylinder, As the valve controls the displacement, The outlet is open to atmosphere so that when the unit heats up, The expanded water is allowed to drip from the spout into the basin, No other outlet should be used in conjunction with this type of product typically.

Product Features

  • Santon Water Heater
  • Oversink
  • 10ltr
  • 3kW
  • White
  • 442mm x 240mm
  • 240mm