Picture of a Osram HID Lamp, POWERBALL® HCI-TS®, Metal Halide, RX7s, 3000K, 70W

Osram HID Lamp, POWERBALL® HCI-TS®, Metal Halide, RX7s, 3000K, 70W

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Product Code 2500160846

Product Overview


All HCI® lamps feature innovative POWERBALL® technology. POWERBALL® HCI®-TS lamps are double-ended UV-reduced lamps suitable for hot restart. Approved for use only in enclosed luminaires. Benefits of POWERBALL® technology: High luminous flux. Best distribution of light. Best color rendering. Longest color constancy. Small loss of luminous flux over lifetime. Little dependency on burning position. Full output available soon after switching the lamp on. Lower failure rate due to ceramic corrosion. Benefits of UV FILTER technology: Reduced brittleness of the plastics in luminaires. The UV filter on the lamp meets the requirements of IEC 61167. Applications: Prestige retail outlets. High-quality presentation of merchandise. Indirect lighting. Museums, foyers and art galleries. Building floodlighting and other outdoor applications. All POWERBALL® HCI®-TS lamps are approved for hot restart. POWERBALL® lamps produce more light than metal halide lamps of the same output with quartz technology or with cylindrical ceramic arc tubes. Fewer luminaires are needed to provide planned illuminance levels. Energy costs, installation costs and thermal loads are all therefore lower.

Product Features

  • Osram HID Lamp
  • Metal Halide
  • RX7s
  • 3000K
  • 70W