‘Tapes & Levels’ (4)

  1. Picture of a Bahcos logo

    "Bahco Tape Measure, MTB, Nylon Coated, Black/ORG, 5m " - MTB-5-25-M-E

    £20.43 per item ex. VAT

  2. Picture of a Newlecs logo

    "Newlec Tape Measure, Magnetic, 5m " - NL00543

    £12.59 per item ex. VAT

  3. Picture of a Newlecs logo

    "Newlec 8m Heavy Duty Tape Measure, Soft Grip, ABS Cased" - NL00544

    £17.42 per item ex. VAT

  4. Picture of a Newlec B Torpedo Level Newlecs logo

    Newlec B Torpedo Level - NLSL230

    £15.99 per item ex. VAT